Astrology for Children

          Aries — You are exciting! You're always ready for an adventure. You love to be the leader. Kids like you because you will climb trees, play sports or other games at a moment's notice. You laugh a lot. You are very brave and you can help other people get over their fear of the dark, thunder, snakes, or whatever they're afraid of. 

          You're not very patient and can get angry quickly. Try to take a deep breath and count to 10 before you say something that might hurt someone's feelings. 

          It's hard for you to sit still, so homework and chores can be boring for you. Just do the tasks anyway, knowing you can get outside to run around and have fun soon enough!


          Parents — If one of your parents is an Aries, they're fun since they like to play and have a good time with you. But they can be very busy and might seem to always be running around like crazy. Tell your Aries parent you want time with them when that happens — they'll probably slow down right away and do something with you. Sometimes Aries parents get angry quickly, yell at you and then forget about it just as fast. Just give them time to cool down and explain nicely that they hurt your feelings. Most likely they will be glad you were open with them. 




          Taurus — You love food. You love music and art. You're probably kind of lazy, so you might need other people to get you up and moving. You have many friends because you are kind, helpful and loyal. Once someone is your friend, they'll love them forever. You are patient and you don't get angry a lot, but when you do — look out! People can be surprised when you charge at them like a bull! Try to let others know that things bother you as they happen, so it doesn't build up.


          Parents — If one of your parents is a Taurus, they are cuddly and affectionate. They are probably patient and always have time for you. Taurus parents are also great listeners. They love to eat goodies, so your kitchen is stocked with all sorts of sweet snacks! They don't normally get angry unless you bug them repeatedly. Once they warn you they're getting annoyed, be quiet and leave them alone. Your Taurus parent is a softie, so if you let them make up their mind slowly without pushing them, you'll most likely get what you asked for, although it will seem like a long wait!



          Gemini — Wow! You love to talk! You also love to learn new things, meet new people and explore new places. You probably learned to read earlier than most kids, and maybe you're a computer wiz too. It would be great if you can learn to speak a foreign language — maybe Spanish or French. The more ways you have to communicate, the happier you are. Try to remember that silence is also a part of communication. Be careful not to interrupt people. Yes, you get excited when listening and want to say things right away, but learn to let them finish their thoughts.


          Parent — If your parent is a Gemini, they are a lot of fun! Maybe they take you on day trips to do exciting things. They love to talk with you, although you may have to ask them to let you finish your ideas before they jump in with theirs. Your Gemini part is constantly busy, and can be forgetful. Try leaving notes for them about important things, or call to remind them. You are important and they do love you, but they are hectic and scatter-brained!


          Cancer — You are quite shy, but once you're comfortable with people, you open up in an incredible way. It is important for you to belong to a group of friends and to feel close with your family. You like taking care of animals, and even younger brothers or sisters. You will do anything for the people you love, and they appreciate you for that. You are sensitive and your feelings get hurt easily. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure you speak up for your needs, since others can't read your mind! 


          Parent — If one of your parents is a Cancer, they are very warm and friendly. They love to feed you and also your friends when they come over. They bake cookies, order pizzas, take you all out to McDonald's. Your parent loves to be at home and you can usually count on them to be around when you need them. On the other hand, they can be over-protective. Your Cancer parent worries a lot, and you will constantly tell them how well you follow safety rules. It's hard for them to see you get older and less needy, but speak to them gently, because grown-ups get hurt feelings, too!



          Leo — You are a happy, sunny person.  You love to perform and be the center of attention. You should try acting, singing, dancing, music — anything that puts you on the stage. You're not shy at all. You can also encourage others kids to feel good about themselves by helping them through their fears. You have many friends, but you should be careful about being too bossy. Not everyone is as confident as you are, let quieter kids take the lead once in a while.


          Parents — If one of your parents is a Leo, they have big personality. They probably smile a lot, tell jokes and will play kid games with you and actually enjoy themselves! However, when they tell you to do something, they're not joking around. A Leo demands obedience from you, so don't bother arguing. It's easier to just do what they want. Tell your side of things later when they're in a better mood. Leos can be lions or pussycats, so talk about difficult subjects when they're purring, not roaring!



          Virgo — You are interested in so many different things! You are a fast learner, too. You're really curious about nature — plants, birds, squirrels, frogs, and even bugs are cool to you! When it comes to school work, you love to read. Make sure you try writing stories or poems, since you're a talented in that area. When you first meet people you can be quiet and shy, but later you're talkative and very funny! People also like you because you are positive and helpful.


          Parent — If one of your parents is a Virgo, they are easy to talk to. They're ready to listen to any problem you have and will help you solve it. But they also need to calm down! Your Virgo parent worries a lot (which can be annoying) and never seems to sit down and relax — unless you tell them you need them. Your parent loves to be needed! It makes them crazy if you're messy, so they're constantly tell you to clean your room and do your chores. Just stay neat and they won't be as nervous!


          Libra — You like music and art — take extra classes to develop your talents. It is very important to you that everyone is treated fairly. For instance, you might go out of your way to stop bullies from teasing other kids at school. You are nice to everybody. It upsets you to see anyone sad. You smile a lot and people love to be around you. But, please understand that people will still like you if you say no to their ideas, or even if you get angry. People will forgive you for not being happy all the time — and it is normal to express all sorts of feelings!


          Parent — If one of your parents is a Libra, they are happy and positive most of the time. They love to shop, so they probably buy you lots of toys, clothes and other gifts. They also love to eat sweets, like chocolate or ice cream! Your Libra parent goes out of their way to treat you and your siblings equally, and they won't play favorites. They dislike when people scream and yell, so getting wild won't get the to listen. If you have a problem, collect your thoughts and have a calm discussion with them. You'll see that they value your opinions! 


          Scorpio — You are very curious about all sorts of things — and you are fearless about discovering the world. You're the person in class you actually likes (italics) to dissect frogs! You want to know how things work, so the internal organs of an animal aren't yucky to you. You like to figure things out and are fond of mysteries and enjoy secrets. People probably tell you all sorts of things, because they trust you. Some people might think you're shy, but you actually observe kids before you make them a friend. Having a few best friends you can rely on is better than a big crowd that you don't know well.


          Parent — If one of your parents is a Scorpio, they are very intense. They focus completely on whatever they're doing. Sometimes it may seem like they're ignoring you, but this isn't the case at all. Once they finish their task, they will give you their complete attention. Having a Scorpio as a parent is a good thing, since they have you totally figured out and can help you with any problem. But, it is also hard, because you can't keep any secrets from them — it's like they can read your mind. Make sure you always tell them the truth and don't hide things from them. They will value your maturity and give you more freedom.


          Sagittarius — People really like you since they feel good when they're with you.  You are positive, upbeat and very funny! Make sure you don't tease or make jokes about others. It might seem funny at the time, but you can hurt someone's feeling without meaning to! You probably like sports, especially outdoor sports like skiing, horseback riding and running. Hopefully, your family travels a lot — you love going to new places. Try learning a foreign language so you might even be able to live somewhere else in the world, if you ever wanted! 


          Parents — If one of your parents is a Sagittarius, they are fun to be with. They like to go places at a moment's notice and love to travel. They're very positive and funny, but sometimes they can be goofy and embarrass you! Your Sagittarius parent isn't over-protective and gives you a lot of freedom. They want you to have your own experiences about life. Sometimes they can be forgetful. When that happens, don't take it personally — just remind them about your schedule. They'll be happy you did, drop what they're doing and get you where you need to go!


          Capricorn — You are a winner! You try your best in everything you do. People are amazed at your talents and accomplishments. It's too bad you don't realize how amazing you are! You are very hard on yourself. Make an effort to praise yourself and to tell yourself positive things. Also, accept the compliments of others! 

          You are a very faithful friend and people can count on you for anything. Many of your pals from school will be buddies even as adults. Try to overcome your shyness by making new friends, too. Other kids might want to get to know you, but think you don't want to get to know them.


          Parent — If one of your parents is a Capricorn, they are very dependable and help you feel secure. It's important to them that you manage you money well, so they'll teach you about how to spend money wisely and also how to save it. Your Capricorn parent is very hung-up on never being late. They probably get annoyed when you are purposely slow at getting dressed for school, or not ready to get in the car when they are. 

          Your schoolwork is a focus for your parent. They want you to do well. They might push you to take hard subjects because they know you can do it! They seem like they don't understand you sometimes, but they are seeing something in you that you don't see yet, so trust them!


          Aquarius — You are interested in everything! You probably taught yourself to read when you were very young. Now you read anything you can get your hands on! You really like science, astronomy and computers. You like people who are different from you. This makes you a good friend since you get along with all the groups at school. Kids who seem weird to others are interesting to you. 

          You like it when adults treat you like you are a person, rather than "a kid". You'll be more willing to follow orders from these grown-ups, since you know they respect you. Otherwise, you can be rebellious toward people who say, "Do it because I said so". 


          Parent — If your parent is an Aquarius, they are friendly to everybody. That is good, since all your friends like your parent. It can be embarrassing too, because they'll talk to strangers wherever they go! Your parent has a very open mind. They probably are interested in the music you like, and might even borrow your trendy CDs!  

          You can tell your parent anything. They can be like an older friend sometimes, and not like someone who's in charge of you. They include you in setting up rules and chores, rather than just ordering you around. Your Aquarian parent wants you to learn what you like and why so you can make good choices in life. 


          Pisces — You are kind and sensitive to other people's feelings. You understand when people are sad, and know just what they need to feel happy again. Remember, you don't have to say "yes" to everyone just so they'll like you. Being strong in your own ideas will help you feel good about yourself, and doesn't make you mean! 

          You love music and dance. Try to learn to play an instrument or take dance classes. You're also good at all sorts of art, so explore your talents. You love animals and probabl constant televisions and video games can make them lose their temper or get stressed.

          Your parent is also quite fearful and worries about you a lot. You might think they don't trust you. But they imagine all sorts of stuff happening to you. Give them time to let you grow up bit by bit.

© Aluna Michaels 2014