Evaluating Intuitive Readings

          After working for many years as an astrologer and spiritual counselor, I often hear the question, "Are you psychic?"  My stock answer is that although I am reluctant to use the term, "psychic", I do consider myself highly intuitive. However, I insist that my intuition does not make me more special or any better than my clients are. In fact, every person has intuition and it can be accessed and harnessed.

          Intuition can be likened to a muscle. As it is exercised, the stronger it becomes. Think about stomach muscles. Everyone has them, but not everyone focuses on that area of the body. If someone works diligently each day carefully executing sit-ups, they will eventually have pronounced stomach muscles or "six-pack abs". In a very similar way, metaphysical folks have done many "spiritual sit-ups" to strengthen and define the intuition, therefore, it is strong and pronounced. With each meditation session and with each spiritual reading they do, their intuition gets more "in shape".

          Although you have tummy muscles, you may not have the time, interest, diligence or desire to do sit-ups. And likewise, you might not care to develop your intuition to the level as a reader or healer — and that is fine. However, you will always have an intuition, even though it may be "flabby". If you ever choose to seek out an intuitive counselor, remember that you should use your intuition — no matter how "weak" it is — on your prospective healer. If your feel even a little uncomfortable with the person, turn around and leave! If you feel the reader is "off-base" during the reading, make sure you evaluate that information in your heart. Don't accept strange ideas just because someone is "intuitive". They aren't infallible! Your intuition will suddenly become developed when faced with a sketchy situation — a "fight-or-flight" style power surge. Make sure you place your "B.S. meter" above the bizarre information or weird vibes you are receiving. Trust your instincts, end the reading and look for someone else who makes you feel safe and positive!!

          When you seek out a reader, healer or energy worker, you are often feeling vulnerable and impressionable. At those times, it is vital to remember that the reader does not have more power than you do, they have merely tapped into an energy that is available to you and to every person. Never give your power away!

          Returning to the sit-up metaphor, you will find that the best reader is much like a physical trainer at a gym. A high-quality reader will want to be your "spiritual trainer". He/she will encourage you on your own spiritual path and will push you to take the spiritual steps to expand your own intuition. A quality reader isn't interested in gaining power over you or having you become dependent — he/she is concerned that you increase your divine power, so you are reliant upon your God-center, not another person. 

          In order to develop your intuition, make sure you first affirm and believe that you have intuition. Stop automatically seeking answers outside of yourself. Take some quiet time each day to meditate and speak to your intuition. For example, you can say, "I know you are present within me, Divine Wisdom. I will make an effort each day to sit and listen for your guidance." Also, keep in mind that you won't necessarily receive your answer during your meditation time. Remain open throughout the day, and the following days, for spontaneous thoughts that reveal an answer to your question. And watch for outer signs that "coincidentally" connect with your question — like billboards, a song that's playing as you turn on the radio, or opening a book or magazine to pertinent information.

          The more seriously you take these ideas and signs, the more information you will get — and the stronger your intuition will become. Also, be sure to take action on the guidance you receive. After all, "Faith without works is dead".  

          Refuse to doubt the information you receive. If you do wish to run your intuitive idea by someone else, choose only supportive people. Don't tell your cynical friend — instead, tell someone who is also working to increase their intuitive abilities.

          Even when your intuition is well-developed, you may still want to seek out help from someone who is even more spiritually advanced that you are. This is a fine thing to do, since you will often find that your own guidance is reinforced by the reading. The best readings will make you think, "Gee, I knew that somewhere deep within me — but now I feel validated and more secure in that belief". 

          As you journey on your spiritual path, keep in mind that, although intuitive people can be inspiring, they are not gods or goddesses. They have put out effort to become as intuitive as they are. The people you should stick by are those who have made their efforts for the purpose of serving humanity and not for serving their own egos! 

© Aluna Michaels 2014