What is Soul Evolution

          Soul Evolution is directly based on the teachings of Jane Elizabeth Hart and the Center for Enlightenment. (www.cfenlightenment.org) Your soul has been evolving for millions of years, through thousands of incarnations. Your journey has created a unique soul history. You've had many victories and have developed numerous talents and skills. You've also had difficult experiences and made decisions that are still resonating in an uncomfortable way in your subconscious mind.

          Soul Evolution believes that you were born with a Life Plan. This Life Plan is designed to provide opportunities to enjoy your strengths developed in past lives, as well as expose and heal painful issues that have chased you through many incarnations. Events and circumstances can cause you to search for a deeper meaning for your existence. Depression, anxiety, health challenges, relationship fiascos, career problems, financial issues, addiction and family history can all be motivating factors in seeking connection with your soul.

          As a Soul Evolutionist Practitioner, Aluna Michaels offers practical tools and specific steps you can take to heal karmic issues that are at the root of your life challenges. Through an Esoteric view of your astrological chart, your personal soul pattern is made clear. Your spiritual steps become your unique road to at-one-ness with the Universe.

          When you understand why certain people and circumstances are in your life, causing you joy or pain, you can cooperate with your soul's evolution. You can heal the wounds that cause infection in your subconscious and keep you from fulfillment. You can also expand qualities that raise your consciousness. You will feel worthy of receiving the abundant results that will inevitably come into your life.

          To assist in your soul contact, Ms. Michaels will also help you to find a comfortable meditation style that fits your life and your spiritual belief system. Meditation is the key factor in developing your intuition and enhancing communication with your soul.

          You can and will move out of the isolated, limited consciousness of your personality into Cosmic Consciousness, which is your divine birthright!

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