Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer with over three decades of teaching and counseling experience. At the age of three, her mother began taking her to astrology classes where she was blessed to grow up around pivotal astrologers such as Isabel Hickey, Francis Sakoian, Caroline Casey and Robert Hand. By the time she was eighteen, she was practicing as a professional.

          Ms. Michaels graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Religious Studies, and later with a Masters of Spiritual Counseling from Andover Newton Theological School. For over twenty years, she has been counseling clients in her home and over the telephone. She has taught various levels of astrology courses, and has written for many magazines and publications. Currently she is a columnist for Body Mind Spirit Guide, Natural Awakenings, Tampa Bay Wellness, and Evolving Magazine.

          Her work uniquely blends astrological knowledge with her extensive study of Soul Evolution and meditation. She offers a balance of intellect and intuition emerging from her passion for astrology and her own strong personal commitment to meditation and spiritual growth.

          Ms. Michaels is devoted to helping her clients increase their intuition and unveil their soul's history. She also assists in discovering practical solutions to deep spiritual issues that have created long-standing problems. She compassionately understands each client's soul journey, which is revealed through the Esoteric birth chart. She is dedicated to unveiling their next spiritual step that will lead to the greatest level of fulfillment and freedom.

          Ms. Michaels also holds a certification in Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing from Westbrook University. She finds that mineral ratios in the body, as well as toxic metals, often mirror qualities of a person's astrological chart. She often uses this physiological method to compliment her Esoteric work with the soul's life plan.

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