What is Esoteric Astrology

          "Esoteric astrology is entirely concerned with the forces and energies which affect the consciousness aspect of the human being, and condition the personality life…..Esoteric astrology is concerned with the soul…." Alice A. Bailey

          Esoteric Astrology is rooted in the work of Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master, Dwal Kuhl. Together, these wise souls presented a radical new perception of astrology. It is designed for the person who is evolving into higher aspects of their spiritual life. Esoteric Astrology is, in essence, the science of the soul.

          The natal chart can be interpreted on different levels. A basic chart reading is based on the personality. A deeper, esoteric chart examination illuminates the divine agenda of the soul. Feeling incomplete, depressed and that something is missing are ways you are yearning for contact with your soul.

          You are more than a personality, and a basic astrology reading will leave you unsatisfied. An Esoteric Astrology session reveals your unique mode and method of increasing that soul contact and how you can experience a greater peace in your heart and in your world. It will also unveil your soul's purpose for this incarnation.

          Ms. Michaels is trained to recognize spiritual patterns within your astrological chart that reveal karmic challenges as well as special gifts contained in your soul's history. Esoteric Astrology can help you find ways to let your soul operate in your daily life, spiritualizing your life. Advancing spiritually does not mean the eradication of your personality. Rather, your personality will become soul-infused.

          With the knowledge and wisdom gained from Esoteric Astrology, you can navigate your difficulties with conscious awareness. Problems get solved at the root, and life begins to be more meaningful. Mundane issues revolving around work, health, relationships and emotions take on a higher meaning when viewed from the esoteric perspective. It could be said that life circumstances become your personal ashram, where sacred lessons are learned and spiritual victories are achieved!

          How does your birth chart reflect your soul's quest for enlightenment? What steps can you take that will move you closer to oneness with the Universe? The message of Esoteric Astrology is that the path to enlightenment lies within your heart. Your soul is longing for you to grow and expand your vision!

          Esoteric Astrology offers you the assurance that you are a vital part of the Universe, with a unique and essential role to play! You'll become more useful to your family, friends and community. You'll also gain the ability to overcome life problems. Your soul holds all the solutions.

          As a trained Esoteric Astrologer and Soul Evolutionist Practitioner, Aluna Michaels will illuminate how your soul is speaking to you through this deeper level of your chart.

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