Hair Mineral Analysis

          Hair Mineral Analysis is an inexpensive and insightful way to understand the health trends in your body. Hair is a storage tissue that the body uses to excrete excessive amounts of minerals and toxic metals. Hair Mineral Analysis provides a blueprint of your biochemistry, and can give pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, carbohydrate tolerance, immune system and glandular activity.

          A small sample your of hair is tested at Trace Elements Inc., a pioneer in this field. Your hair is analyzed to find levels and ratios of vital minerals, as well as the presence of heavy metals. We can actually see what?s going on at the cellular level.

          Hair Mineral Analysis reduces the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications. A list of supplements is offered which will provide your body with the proper minerals to balance your personal biochemistry. Three or four months later, a re-test will reveal shifts and often major improvements.

          Energy is essential for optimum health. Many minerals are required for the production of energy within the cells. Hair Mineral Analysis can help assess and guide the enhancement of energy levels. When energy efficiency is low, many body systems break down. When cellular energy production improves, many symptoms and conditions resolve by themselves.

          Blood tests are different from Hair Mineral Analysis and do not provide the same information. Minerals are shifted to the tissues in order to maintain blood levels. This means that deficiencies or excesses often show up earlier in the hair than the blood. In addition, toxic metals rarely remain in the blood for long, but often deposit in the hair where they can be measured. Although each provides valuable information, blood and hair mineral testing are very different.

          Vital minerals and toxic metals have an impact on brain chemistry, as well as on physical energy levels. Some minerals, when excessive or deficient, interfere with the functioning of certain neuropeptides and can affect your mood. Heavy metals can create problems too. For instance, aluminum can interfere with serotonin receptors, resulting in depression. Other conditions that often respond to Nutritional Balancing include anxiety, phobias, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, attention-deficit disorder and learning disorders.

          It's easy to see how the body is so closely related to the mind. When your mind is affected by toxins, your thought patterns can seem beyond your control. We might call this your karma. Karma can be described as emotional patterns that resurface over and over again. These patterns can create unhappy relationships and unfulfilling situations.

          Hair Mineral Analysis can be a way to take responsibly for your soul's growth on a physical level. It is a counterpart to meditation, which is the most powerful way to heal your emotions and your soul in a spiritual way. Many emotional and spiritual issues can be revealed through Hair Mineral Analysis.

          For instance, people who are self-critical often have high hair calcium. Critical thinking creates stress on the body. Over time, beating yourself up creates a situation in which calcium is taken from bone and circulates in the blood. When too much builds up, the body deposits the calcium into the hair. Astrologically, I often see people with Saturn issues with high hair calcium. Saturn also represents being hard on yourself, and shows that your soul wants to overcome this harmful tendency. So your soul's healing mission can be reflected in your Hair Analysis chart as well as in your Astrological chart!

          Not only are mineral levels important, but also the ratios between them. A low ratio of sodium to potassium shows resentments from the past and discouragement in the present. The ratio reveals a spiritual need to work on forgiving others as well as moving beyond painful circumstances in life. A person with a low sodium to potassium ratio needs to heal their victim consciousness' and connect with the empowering energy of their soul.

          Some vital nutrients can actually become toxic if they are present in excess. Copper can show a trend for anxieties, racing thoughts, hormonal problems, insomnia and eating disorders. Emotionally, copper seems to be related to perfectionism and an inability to make decisions. Spiritually, copper shows a need to heal the inner child and to trust in the guidance of the Universe. Astrologically, copper is connected with Neptune and Venus issues.

          Toxic metals that can be revealed on Hair Mineral Analysis include mercury, aluminum, cadmium and lead. On a physical level, toxic metals may contribute to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, depression, anxiety, infections and many other conditions. Yet these metals can also affect us profoundly in other ways. For example, on an emotional level, cadmium is linked with anger. The spiritual step needed is to become less reactionary. People with high cadmium levels must become the observer of their feelings and actions. Their astrology often reveals a challenging Mars pattern.

          By correcting Hair Mineral levels and ratios with proper diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications, many physical and behavioral health conditions will improve — including those of long standing.

          In addition, Hair Mineral Analysis doesn't only help to correct physical and emotional issues, it can also prepare your body and brain chemistry to receive new thought patterns, higher levels of consciousness and more positive karma.

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