Hair Analysis Testimonials

          “I use the words ‘life changing’ to describe the effects of taking these supplements recommended by may hair mineral analysis tests over the last 3 years.
          I had been in excruciating pain with sciatica and "frozen shoulder" for 6 months when it was suggested I do a hair analysis. I was 53 at the time. After spending $7,000 on various physical therapy (just to get out of constant pain – nothing worked), I was desperate and would have tried nearly anything.
          I am convinced now that calcium deposits had been causing the pain. The specific combination of supplements seemed to dissolve them and I now have no pain whatsoever! It took a while, but it happened (3 months to notice a change, 6 months to be free of pain altogether). 
          Not only that, but all the "aches and pains" that I had always been told were simply a "part of aging", are gone 100%! I feel physically better now than I did in my 40's!
          I now believe that it is not "aging" that runs the body down so much as it is the accumulation of harmful substances over a ‘longer period of time’. There is a way to remove these accumulations that is ‘life changing’. . . it most certainly has been for me!
          Who knows what other ailments are being prevented in this process, and I trust it. I am of the belief that this is the best health insurance money can buy over the long haul.”
Kaycie S. Overland Park KS


          “I’m 39, and for years my hands would get cold, I was anxious, suffered from joint pain, and back pain, low energy plus several other symptoms. I went with all kind of doctors but nothing seemed to feel right. Searching the web, I found Aluna and hair mineral analysis.
          The results of my tested showed magnesium deficiency, among other things. She explained everything to me and recommended I take the supplements that were suggested for me as well as magnesium oil. She gave me other natural tips.
          Aluna was very supportive with me in times when I was feeling bad and desperate. Now, I feel much, much better! The majority of my symptoms have gone, and I feel I’m on the right track in terms of my health. I give thanks to God for my health every day.
          Aluna, thanks for your support and knowledge which have helped me a lot. I truly appreciate it.”
Armando R., El Paso TX


          “My quest to treat the cause and not just the symptom of any dis-ease has taken me down many paths, taken many years and cost thousands of dollars. They all seemed to have bits and pieces of a puzzle I couldn't put together. Not until Hair Mineral Analysis and working with Aluna Michaels have I felt like I am finally seeing the entire picture.
          Many philosophies treat the symptoms which I equate to patching up the stress cracks on a structure built on a poor foundation. It works for the short term, but the symptoms return, worsen or cause additional damage and require bigger patches. Hair Mineral Analysis goes directly to the foundation at a cellular level.
          After only four months on the program, not only do I feel better physically, but am finally confident that I’m taking care of my body at the foundation level where it counts. I have been able to stop taking several prescriptions which I’d been told would have to take for the rest of my life, am no longer allergic to foods that expensive allergy tests told me I could not eat, am releasing some life-long patterns which I’ve since learned are inherent to some metal toxicities, and feel better now than I have in a long time.
          I’ve finally found a way of life that balances my body which supports good health. This was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. Aluna has taken much time and effort to answer all my questions, has followed up often on my progress and has been a wealth of information and knowledge during this journey.
          I’ve recommended this program to friends and family and would highly recommend Hair Mineral Analysis and working with Aluna Michaels to anyone serious about their health and well being.”
Marta P., Sterling Heights, MI

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