Astrology Testimonials

          "Aluna has been my astrologer for over 15 yrs. From the first session I knew that I had found an astrologer that was knowledgeable, but most important, was able to provide spiritual guidance as well. No matter what my situation is at the time consulting Aluna provides me with the necessary knowledge to move forward and make the right decision. I'm grateful to had found her."
Yeri E., Tampa FL


          “I can't tell you how much I enjoy consulting with Aluna about my astrological chart. I have met with her many times. She is so easy to connect with. I feel like she really understands me and what is going on in my chart. I love how she explains complicated concepts in a way that is easy for the lay person to get, and she even gives you a recording of the session to keep. I've been to other astrologers, but she's my favorite!”
Liz K. Farmington Hills MI


          “Aluna Michaels is a highly skilled Esoteric Astrologer who is intelligent, insightful and intuitive. I have had a number of phone consultations with Aluna after being referred to by a friend. Aluna is easy to talk with and communicates with compassion, warmth and understanding. I would highly recommend Aluna as she demonstrates all things that are ‘Positive’!”
Louis P. Cheshire CT


          "I have worked with Aluna for more than 10 years and have found her readings to be insightful, accurate and compassionate. She has given me a better understanding of my path and the role I play in the unfolding events in my life. Her readings also make a great gift for my family and friends. Thank you Aluna!" 
Eve B., Los Angeles CA


          “I met Aluna in 1999. She has helped me get to know myself better. Through our conversations over the years I have been able to embrace the calm and the chaos of life and steer towards the silver lining. She truly helps me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and help me tune out the "noise." She taught me how to meditate, which allowed me to become a more patient and appreciative person. I used to live always waiting for what was next, and now 12 years later feel like I live more in the "now" then I ever did before. Thanks Aluna!”
Erin F., Cornwall NY


          “When I first met Aluna Michaels, I was amazed at how happy and peaceful she was; we struck up an easy conversation and I made an appointment for a reading some time after that.
          I must admit I was skeptical about getting a reading, but after an hour I was blown away. Her insight and predictions into my life and how I can evolve was very beneficial. Her intuition on how I felt about my relationships and how I could heal and proceed in them was “spot on”.
          I don’t fully understand how she could have known about my past and my family dynamics but it became apparent that she somehow knew who I was inside. Soul Evolution is right! I came away with a positive spiritual feeling about my concerns and an eager anticipation for the bright future ahead. Recording the session was a fabulous touch!
          I look forward every month to the new information and advice she shares in her monthly horoscope. We remain friends to this day and I would HIGHLY recommend getting to know this fabulous soul!”
Sam P., Warren MI


          "For over the past decade, at every major crossroads and moments for big decisions in my life's journey I've consulted with the extraordinary Aluna Michaels. With her insights, candidness, and ability to communicate the complexities of astrology, I've been able to make scary decisions with courage and a very high success rate."
Kelly K., Kansas City MO


          “At a bookstore in Overland Park Kansas, I noticed a flyer stapled to the wall, informing patrons of an upcoming lecture on astrology, to be held later that weekend. Compelled for some reason to ignore my normal skepticism on the topic, I returned to the bookstore on Saturday.
          During that session, I was introduced to the basic & esoteric concepts of astrology, but more importantly to the amazingly warm & wise spirit that is Aluna Michaels.
          That was back in 1997. Even though we both live in different cities now, she continues to be an important factor in my life, providing continual guidance & assistance in navigating critical junctures of my life. She also counsels my family, friends and colleagues whom I refer to her on a regular basis.
          Aluna serves as our teacher & spiritual guide. She is non-judgmental, is in total command of her craft, and uses her insights and the experience she's gained from delivering thousands of sessions to enlighten us all. We thank you for being!”
Jimmy H., Houston TX


          “I have been going to Aluna for over than 10 years and she provides me with more insight into my whole being than I could ever imagine. She is right on, caring, personable, so much so that I consider her one of my closest friends. She knows more about me than I do. I always look forward to our sessions and she always knows just what to hit me with. I cannot say enough great things about Aluna.”
Melody G., Overland Park KS


          "How much space can I have to sing the praises of Aluna? Her insight, her clarity, her kindness and health-mindedness within the big picture are of a rare quality. After going through a bit of a dark night, I don't know how I would have made it through without her confident and steady guidance."
Kathy D., Tiburon CA


          “I have been getting astrological readings from Aluna for 7 years. I was a bit skeptical at first but decided to give it a shot. The way she described me in the reading was spot on, and everything that she "predicted" would happen in the coming months did. Since then I have been getting a ready from her every year. I trust what she says and she has not led me astray. I highly recommend you give her a try. You won't be disappointed!”
Andrea B., Warren MI


          “When I discovered a horoscope by Aluna in a metaphysical paper several years ago, I was so moved by the accuracy that I decided I had to set up a reading. While astrological readings may seem 'far out' for some people, I find her guidance practical, fun, & powerfully accurate.
          Throughout the years, she has continued to support me in shedding the old ways of being that no longer serve me & moving toward greater love & light in my life.
          Aluna's joyful outlook & amazing insights provide a great deal of hope & clarity during life's trials. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you Aluna, for all that you are & all that you help me to become.”
Monique K., San Diego CA


          "Aluna's guidance provided me light during a time of darkness. Her translation of the influences beyond my control were truly illuminating and brought me the clarity I needed to find peace and happiness."
Sam G., Overland Park KS


          "Aluna was the first astrologer I worked with. She has a beautiful way of articulating the attributes of the planets and the significance of how they play in our lives. I often listen to the tapes of our sessions. Her enthusiasm and expertise in astrology combined with her love for helping others is a powerful combination."
Sumya A., Shawnee KS


          “Aluna is a very talented astrologer with a great connection with her intuition. Her insights go very deep, but she is also very compassionate. I really enjoy her positive, nonjudgmental way of expressing her insights, and I find her readings loving and uplifting. Yay!”
Claudia M, Pacifica CA


          “Aluna is wonderful! With her unique insight, she has helped me through many a challenging time in my life. She is able to understand my personality and advise me better than anyone I've ever met! I’ve been single for awhile, and Aluna has always been completely on target about the men I've dated. 
I believe Aluna has a special gift that allows her to see into your heart and ‘get’ who you are, and gently guide you to a place where you can be a better and happier you.”
Susan M., Lee’s Summit MO


          “Aluna is a very intuitive and gifted person. I always talk about her as the person who told me I was going to meet my husband! I had my first reading with her 14 years ago, and she told me some very specific information about a man I would meet and that he would likely be "the one." A few months later, I met a man and these very specific circumstances and traits existed in him. After this meeting, I felt like I knew we would be together. We are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary this year! The information Aluna provides guides one to work through life's path in harmony with the universe.”
Sarah G., Kansas City MO


          “Over the years, Aluna has given me lots of invaluable information – insight that keeps on giving! Particularly she sees the points of character in people who are reflecting my challenges at given points – and their value to me – I get a lot of clarity and help."
Tish C., Roosevelt Island NY


          “I have worked with Aluna for over 20 years. When she lived in Rhode Island I had the privilege of seeing her several times a year. Once she left Rhode Island we stay in touch through email and at least once a year we’ve done sessions on the phone. I find her knowledge of astrology extensive and in my opinion she is one of the best. I look forward to her monthly horoscopes as she is spiritually inspiring and keeps me focused and spiritually grounded.”
Celia P., Providence RI


          “Aluna's monthly horoscopes are always incredibly spot-on for me. At the first of every month in my inbox when I see ‘Happy June’ or which ever the month may be, I am thrilled. I then read my message and sit with that energy that I know in my heart was meant for me to ponder. Her guidance is always in divine order. Thank you, Aluna, you are such a blessing.”
Su B., South Lyon MI

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